Business Financial Statements & Corporate Tax Returns

Department specialists: Don Nilson , Errin Mechler , Hunter Le Blanc

The firm prepares professional “review” and “compilation” financial statements for businesses. To strengthen familiarity and continuity with your activities, two staff members are assigned as contacts on all business accounts.

Accompanying each final year-end financial statements is a management letter which:

  • Summarizes and analyzes the year’s results
  • Summarizes and explains the tax strategy
  • Gives reminders of actions to be carried out
  • Suggests improvements to your accounting and business systems

The management letter includes a five year comparative analysis of useful operating ratios, along with explanations of their meanings, and an analysis of the change in profit from the prior year.

U.S. Taxation

For U.S. corporate tax issues, we maintain informal association with a Seattle-based CPA practice.

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Our GST practice has two components; implementation and compliance. We have developed an implementation questionnaire for businesses that are newly registering in the GST system. This checklist ensures adherence to the rules to your best advantage.

Our compliance program ensures that, once registered, you are properly accounting for and reporting GST. This checklist applies “reasonableness tests” to verify that you have successfully claimed all of your input tax credits. The compliance program also reviews the on-going wisdom of elections you made during the implementation phase.

Book-Keeping & Administration

We assist business clients with maintaining their financial records and financial reporting. We achieve this either by maintaining the records for them or by providing advice and direction for them to maintain their own records. We also have affiliation with independent contract book-keepers who can assist clients with their record-keeping.