Camp-Fire Forum

We are pleased to announce a new initiative created for our entrepreneurial clients. In serving entrepreneurs for 38 years, we have seen the many problems and responsibilities they bear, often requiring skills or knowledge they don’t have themselves, and often consuming much time. “It is lonely at the top” is a phrase we have heard many times.
“Camp-fire Forum” is our new vehicle for entrepreneurs to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs on issues they have in managing their business.
We have built a secure digital platform in Google Groups which is exclusive to our participating clients. Members can sign in with a “persona” that can allow anonymity, if desired. Group Members can post an issue any time to the site and the question will be forwarded to the Group, any of whom can respond with advice.
We have chosen “camp-fire” for this idea due to the metaphor: sitting around a camp-fire with others portrays warmth, kinship, protection, illumination, inspiration and intimacy.
In time, this Group’s cohesion may merit a further advancement to a real, versus digital, coming-together, perhaps here in the city, or adjunct as a conference at, say, Harrison Hot Springs.

Request access below to get started, or email Drew Barker at