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FORESIGHT is a quarterly newsletter which is written in lay language to help clients understand the investment world.

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Financial Design
“Doesn’t Everybody Live off Their Line of Credit These Days?”
Of Mosquitos and Personal Finance

(excerpt from speech delivered September 2017)

As a professional speaker for 38 years, my favourite opening word when at the speakers podium is the word: Imagine. It is so evocative yet simply elegant. It immediately elicits a response from our “curious neuron”. But here today I wish to explore with you a different, simple word: Enough.
This six letter word has so many different connotations:
It shows caring, when you ask a guest “Have you had Enough to eat”?
It is a command to a misbehaving child: “Stop it”!
It is a statement of satisfaction: “I have had Enough”!
It is a unit of measure: “Close Enough”!
It is the title of a book on personal finance written by Vanguard’s John Bogle
It is the name of a TV series on Netflix, speaking to minimalism in life
How does someone learning the English language understand one simple word?

In 1994, we opened our doors at Trivest and aspired to redefine investment management.
We said “Enough” to excessive fee stripping by effectively charging only .6 of 1% for everyday people with accounts over $100,000
We said “Enough” to the Eastern financial establishment charging enormous, pyramiding hidden fees and made our fees 100% transparent
We said “Enough” to the Eastern financial establishment when we delivered accountability with your Annual Report
We said “Enough” to canned industry solutions and built our own proprietary systems to monitor and manage your wealth in your best interests
We said “Enough” to advisor bafflegab and said to you: “This is what we know and this is what we are unable to know”
Now that the financial industry has been forced by CRM2 regulation to catch up to us, it has become time once again to lead in new ways. And so we speak that word “Enough” once again, but this time in the contextual meaning: “Are we doing Enough for you”? Over the years, we have assembled a broad and deep technical knowledge for your needs in accounting, tax, financial planning, investment management, business planning and matters of estate. When I asked myself this question, the answer was “No”, and so I have spent the last few years contemplating “What NEXT”? Today, I wish to share with you our intent to meet, and re-define, the future… Concierge.