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Course: CGA – Taxation 1

Don Nilson

Lecturer: Don Nilson

Internet Tax Course for 2012-13

I welcome tax students for the 2012-13 academic year and hope you enjoy the course and …. PASS! I have worked on various delivery improvements and hope that these contribute to a richer learning experience. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions.


Lesson 1: Pinball.PDF

Lesson 4: t2s8.PDF

Lesson 9: Integration.PDF PassiveIncomeTree.PDF RDTOHBarrel.PDF

Other Reference Material

See the Insight index of financial articles and our website.

Lesson 1: Civil Penalties Tax Issues for Emigration

Lesson 5: Shareholder Appropriations   Marriage Breakdown Pension Splitting    CPP   Education Funding Education Tax Tips    Pension Income Splitting

Lesson 5: Everything You Need to Know About RRSPs (

Lesson 7: Charitable donations and charitable donations in-kind

Lesson 9: Corporate Capital Dividend Account and GRIP

Lesson 10: Tax Issues for Emigration


Students should note that CGA rules only permit bringing the CURRENT version of the Income Tax Act into the exam room. Prior year versions are not admissable.

Good luck on the exam – email me to let me know if you passed!
Do problems, problems problems!!

Study Problems **

Students should do the practice made available in the materials and also do the various examples throughout the modules.

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Kelowna, October, 2005

Don Nilson receiving CGA-BC President's Ward for EducationDon was recognized in the Fall of 2005 as the winner of the CGA-BC President’s Award for Education, in recognition of his 25 years lecturing to CGA students.

“This award recognizes distinguished service to CGA-BC in the role as an educator in our student program or in our continuing professional development program.

This year’s recipient has taught an entire generation of CGAs in British Columbia and he is one of the few instructors whose name consistently comes up in conversations amongst CGA students and members, regarding instructors that have made a difference.

Through his teaching and work, he demonstrates a vast and consistently current knowledge of tax, wealth accumulation and people. His course material is delivered with enthusiasm, patience, humour and encouragement. His signature opening line, “It’s a great day to study tax,” underscores that enthusiasm.

His commitment to the profession extends beyond being an excellent mentor – this year’s President’s award winner mixes sound advice with his usual wit and an overwhelming commitment to his students’ success.”