It is our intent to roll out over the next year a no-cost “Concierge Service” to Trivest Gold clients. We will be hiring a new, dedicated staff member as our Manager-Client Services in 2018 to act as a resource to facilitate our clients’ needs in their personal lives.

From the outset, we have some vision of what Concierge might be. However, we welcome and embrace that some of its direction will come from our clients, as they experience issues and problems. Our initial vision contemplates helping, for example, in the following ways:

Client Enhancement
Much is written these days about healthy and happy Golden Years. The experts say affiliation is a key, as well as physical activity and mental stimulation. Concierge conjures various initiatives: “Coffee Club” bringing people together periodically to share interests, knowledge and experiences. Trivest Travels will be resurrected to organize small-group, escorted trips through our client Infinity Travel Concepts.

Client education
Our annual seminar program will expand its breadth beyond purely financial matters and bring in speakers on various aspects of retirement lifestyle enhancement. Our website will expand to include a Concierge Information Resource Centre, gathering useful articles on life management issues and linking to other resources available in the public realm.

Integration with our professional services
Concierge will develop fuller programs to assist with financial and estate matters, for instance, assistance to widows obliged to embrace their own financial management. The key value points of our Family Confab philosophy can be advanced more effectively through Concierge.

Client Transitions
Seniors typically experience a life cycle with respect to their domicile. Facing, and executing, a transition from one home to another is usually daunting and over-whelming. Concierge will be a referral and facilitation resource to navigate through this challenging period.

Life management
Various aspects of life management become problematic with ageing, all-the-more-so if Family is not nearby. Concierge will provide referral resources, for instance, for cleaning and maintenance services and attendant care, as well as to government and other programs and resources.

Peer resources
Many of our clients have career backgrounds in various life aspects, and also have the desire to give back. Concierge aspires to connect our clients in order to enrich both of their lives.

Our new Manager-Client Services will strike a Client Advisory Board for Concierge to assist with the planning, implementation and monitoring of this new program. We already have volunteers and welcome more.