2015 Notice of Assessment’s

With the passing of the tax filing deadline for individuals, May 2nd this year, you should be seeing your Notice of Assessment’s (NOA’s) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) soon. For the earlier filers, you likely already have them. Thanks to advances in technology at the CRA, we no longer need our clients to send us their NOA’s. In prior years we had requested that the NOA’s be forwarded to us, so we could review to see if there were any outstanding issues that needed to be resolved.

We now have access to this information online (assuming we are an authorized representative), so you no longer need to send us your NOA’s. We recommend you keep these in your personal records however, just in case we need to see them and the CRA service is down. This is part of many digital initiatives that the CRA has rolled out in recent years, and one we are quite happy with (we accountants enjoy the simple things in life).

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