Depositing Funds Electronically to NBCN

There is a new option for depositing funds electronically to your NBCN Cash Trading Account if you already are an online banking customer.

  • In your online banking account, go to Payees (as if you were setting up electronic payment for your Telus or BC Hydro account) and type in NBCN, which then should come up as an eligible payee
  • In the account number box, enter your NBCN account number which starts with 6C57 and ends with the letter A
  • Then let us know you are transferring funds to your NBCN account so that we can catch it sooner

This facility is only available to transfer funds to your Canadian $ Cash Trading account. If you are wanting to make an RRSP or TFSA contribution, you must still transfer the funds to your Cdn $ Cash Trading Account, and we will make the contribution for you. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

For other information on administration details for your NBCN account, Click Here.

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