Fraudulent Representations of CRA

We have seen an increase in fraudulent activity surrounding the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

For the last number of years, emails have been circulating with people fraudulently representing themselves as the CRA, or providing links to get access to your tax refunds, etc. Please remember that CRA will not send you email directly. Until this year, CRA never communicated via email. So any email received would have been fraud.

Now the CRA has instituted a program very similar to the banks. You will receive an email notification that you have secured messages in your “my account”. You would then log in to your CRA online account (not through a link in the email) and access the correspondence they have posted there. It is always good practice to never respond directly to an email that appears to be from CRA.

The other, more recent occurrence of fraud has been in the form of phone calls. If you ever receive a phone call from an individual that represents themselves to be calling from CRA please do not give them information without doing your due diligence first. It is unusual for CRA to contact anyone without some other form of written communication first. Be sure to get their name, phone number, agent ID and the reason for their call. Then you can either call us, or call CRA’s general line (1-800-959-8281) to verify that the individual is with CRA. The general information line should also be able to look into your account to see if there would be any reason for someone calling you.

If you are ever unsure, please do not give any information, or click through any email links, without double checking first.

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