Gratitude – Louie Schwartzberg

Louie Schwartzberg is an award winning cinematographer, director and produce who works with time-lapse photography to create amazing images. He has won awards for TV advertising, an Emmy nomination, and he is the founder of Moving Art, which uses the power of media to inspire and entertain. Learn more about Louie and Moving Art at

In his video ‘Gratitude’ Louie asks us to wake up each and every day and appreciate it, as if it is your first day on earth, and as your last. With that mentality one can truly appreciate all the beauty, incredible things and fascinating people that are around us. With that in mind, and with our Spring edition of Insight now online featuring ‘The Change Issue‘, we ask you to please take the time to watch Louie’s video shot at TEDxSF in 2011. Both inspiring and beautiful, we seem to keep coming back to it, again and again.

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