iShares Connect: ETF Investment Strategies

AFT Trivest is proud to announce that we have been included in the latest issue of iShares Connect: ETF Investment Strategies. This document highlights investment strategies from 24 managers in Canada with over $14.5B in assets under management, with a focus on using iShares ETF’s. This partnership with Blackrock, the largest assest manager in the world, is quite the distinction for AFT Trivest and one that we are very excited about.

The guide is designed as a resource to aid financial advisors and other members of the investment community in identifying ETF investment strategies, and spotlight leaders in ETF asset based management in Canada. The guide includes firm backgrounds, key personnel, strategies, total assets under management, and asset allocation plans. Furthermore, the guide helps educate on the benefits of using ETF’s, such as low-cost diversity over a broad array of markets and industries.

And thanks to the “A” in AFT Trivest, we also have the honour of being the very first firm listed in the guide. Check out iShares Connect to learn more about what Trivest is doing for our clients, and how other firms across the country construct their portfolios and funds.


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