NBCN Statements – Back to Monthly

Good news for our Trivest clients. NBCN has indicated to us that starting March all statements will be sent out every month, assuming there is activity. A few months ago we learned that NBCN would no longer be sending out statements each month if there wasn’t any buying or selling activity in the period. This was frustrating for many clients, as they were wondering how their investments were doing. It was a huge headache for us, as we use the statements each month to review accounts and make any necessary rebalancing changes. Thankfully our contacts at NBCN heard our concerns, and now we will be getting statements each month once more.

Please note that if your account has no income or other activity in a non-quarter end month (quarter-end months have mandatory statements), you will still not being getting a statement. This is similar to how it worked before, however this only applies to small accounts with little activity, as most accounts receive dividends or interest each month.

Again I will note, if you would like to view your account information at any time, you can log into NBCN’s website. If you need any help with this, give us a call.

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