Our Offices Have Been Flooded

Some unfortunate news to pass on to our clients, our offices at 2227 Folkestone Way were flooded on March 10. There was a water main break at the Salmon House just above us and it flowed down into our office. There was about 2-4 inches of water in the office, and cleanup is now under way. It will take atleast a week for the office to be dried, so until the end of next week the office will be shut down. After that there will likely be extensive work that needs to be done to the floor and walls, however we are unsure at this point what that means for our working arrangements.

It is still early but we are working on getting remote stations set up for our staff. Don, Gary, Errin, and Hunter will still have access to their direct emails (listed below), so you can still reach them if you have an urgent issue. We will keep you posted on what our next steps are and we appreciate your understanding.


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