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Trivest recently donated to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre at UBC. To highlight donors, they have built a Points of Light illustration. As more points are added, the Alumni’s Centre’s design becomes more apparent. Each light has a story of the alumni donor. Here is what Don submitted:

My years at Sauder School, as a student (1971-76, 1980-82) and as a sessional lecturer (1981-2015) were formative years throughout my career. The relationships that were fostered in undergraduate school have lasted throughout my entire life. My undergrad experience in student government in the Seventies laid a foundation for how I set forth into the business world. Key mentors from those days also were instrumental, including Ralph Loffmark, Noel Hall and Colin Gourlay. In 1981 Gerry Feltham took a chance and hired me cold to my first teaching post, and that launched a speaking career of 35 years at the School and elsewhere and allowed me the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of students and to help pioneer digital education in my Profession. I will always remember the wisdom of my Prof, and running buddy, in those days, Albert Dexter who provided the sage wisdom “Don’t let exams and assignments get in the way of your University education”. Thanks, UBC.

To see more check out the website Here. See if you can find him!

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