Financial Education

Our approach is to educate our clients as much as they wish to understand. We achieve this through one-on-one meetings, an extensive list of articles on our website and through the delivery of seminars on a vast array of financial topics. Through FYI Seminars, Don has been a writer and professional educator for over 35 years, and has received a lifetime career achievement award in education. Don is a past National Treasurer of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and a member of the Global Speakers Network.

Tax and Accounting
Tax & Financial Planning

Kind Words:

“Mr Nilson, you truly are a gem of an instructor. Your warmth, wit and humour add life to (the study of tax).”

Lesley S., Bunaby

What our clients tell us:

  • 86% of them read Insight on a regular basis
  • 75% of them read Foresight on a regular basis
  • They find our content so valuable, that half of them store issues away for future reference
  • Of those that visit InvestorU, most find really helpful articles on tax, estate and financial planning