Financial Education

Our approach is to educate our clients as much as they wish to understand. We achieve this through one-on-one meetings, an extensive list of articles on our website and through the delivery of seminars on a vast array of financial topics. Through FYI Seminars, Don has been a writer and professional educator for over 35 years, and has received a lifetime career achievement award in education. Don is a past National Treasurer of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and a member of the Global Speakers Network.

Tax and Accounting
Tax & Financial Planning

Kind Words:

“I admire people who take pride, ownership and passion in their work and everything they do in life. It is my humble opinion that you do all of this.”

Shanta S., Surrey

What our clients tell us:

  • 86% of them read Insight on a regular basis
  • 75% of them read Foresight on a regular basis
  • They find our content so valuable, that half of them store issues away for future reference
  • Of those that visit InvestorU, most find really helpful articles on tax, estate and financial planning