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Disability Tax Credit
Personal Health Services Plan

We are very pleased to announce the hiring of Drew Barker, CPA CA BSc. as Manager-Corporate Client Services. Drew obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from UBC and worked in the biotech industry for five years before returning to school to pursue his accounting designation. In 2006, he received a Diploma in Accounting from UBC and began working with a downtown accounting firm, where he obtained his CA designation in 2009. Drew brings eleven years of public practice experience to us, most recently as a senior manager at another Lower Mainland accounting firm. Drew and his wife, Marnie, both grew up on the North Shore and they currently live in North Vancouver.

During the summer, we reviewed all of your CRA 2016 personal tax assessments, as a follow-up to tax preparation last April. Any issues were identified and pursued.

If you were too busy enjoying our wonderful West Coast summer, we hope you will turn your attention this Fall to the estate matters discussed in our Summer issue. We have been working actively with some of you in July/August related thereto. Over the next quarter, we will be reviewing once again the estate planning designations of our Trivest accounts.

The 2018 pocket calendars have arrived! Please pop by or contact us to ship you one. Inside you will find our HEALTH issue.


Excellence compounds!

Quick Cobbler entrepreneur Ronald Nijdam won yet another Gold Award from the North American Shoe Service Institute this summer. However, this time his son Patrick also won the Bronze Award! The award was presented in Long Beach California to recognize their standard-setting craftsmanship.

The amazing backdrop to this story is that Patrick represents the fourth generation of Dutch Family cobblers. Trans-generational career aspirations are less common in North America than in Europe. And less common still is to achieve excellence from great-grandfather to son. The Dutch too have their own version: “from clogs to clogs in three generations”, which the Nijdam Family has disproved!


We are seeing more and more people run afoul of their TFSA contribution limit (mostly due to dealing with multiple financial institutions), resulting in nasty penalties. Through our CRA web access, we are able to trace your entire TFSA history to help you avoid problems, or at least solve them more easily.