Investment Counsel

The concept behind our investment management approach is reflected in the company name: AFT Trivest Management. “A F T” stands for accounting, finance and tax. We believe that sound investment management requires the integration of these three disciplines. Our tag line,“planning-based investment counsel”, also means that financial planning aspects are integrated into the wealth accumulation process.

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Investment Approach
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Kind Words:

“I am so lucky and grateful to have been directed your way 22 years ago and have been well taken care of all these years.”

Annette V.

What our clients tell us:

In the most recent survey of our investment clients, our clients graded us as “excellent” for:

  • The timeliness of their Annual Report – 76%
  • The fit between their portfolio strategy and personal goals – 68%
  • Our adherence to their portfolio strategy – 73%
  • Our overall value as investment managers – 82%

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