“Investment management is not art, not science, it’s engineering. We are in the business of managing and engineering financial investment risk.” Charles Tschampion, Head of General Motors Pension Fund


The content of this website was written for lay investors who wish to understand more about investing, either to manage their own portfolios, or to interact more meaningfully with their advisors.
The contributors are registered portfolio managers and certified financial planners.

Prudent investing is very complex and lay investors can easily fall into the trap of not knowing what they don’t know — not to mention the adage about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. In our twenty-five years in the business, we have seen many mistakes made through ignorance, many of which cannot be repaired after the fact.

While the articles published here may occasionally reflect some of our personal biases on various investing topics, by and large the information is unbiased. As independent fee-based portfolio managers, we are not tethered to anyone’s pole. While some of the articles may be dated, they still may provide valuable perspective.

Don Nilson, AFT TRIVEST Management