Personal Finance

Our experience and professional qualifications as certified accountants, financial planners, estate planners and registered portfolio managers bring together a unique integrated package to secure your future. We actively, and proactively, practice in all of these areas every day.

Personal Tax
Tax Preparation
and Planning
Financial Planning
Estate Planning

Kind Words:

“Don Nilson and his company have provided both business and personal tax service to me for over 20 years. The service provided has always been excellent”

What our clients tell us:

We asked them about the importance to their financial well-being derived from the various divisions within our financial services. The rank order of deeming each aspect to be “very important” was as follows:

  • Investment management  – 92%
  • Investment strategy –  88%
  • Tax management –  80%
  • Financial planning  – 69%
  • Estate planning –  50%