Personal Tax

Department specialists: Don Nilson, Errin Mechler, Hunter Le Blanc
Our U.S. personal taxation specialist: Joan McCance

Personal Tax Preparation & Planning

All of the members of the firm are actively involved in personal tax matters. We take a proactive approach to personal tax planning. With the assistance of an extensive checklist of financial and estate planning ideas, we review our client’s affairs annually to ensure both short and long term financial planning is pursued. We have developed a computerized spreadsheet application which reflects the current personal and corporate tax structure. With a “what-if?” approach, we can determine your tax liability under various strategies.

Our tax filing season commences annually in early March and ends on April 30th. All the returns are prepared using Canadian tax software. Your return is prepared by a staff member and then reviewed by a senior staff member against a “tax preparation checklist” to ensure accuracy and tax minimization.

Your file contains a “permanent” section at the front, where we keep track of on-going matters specific to your situation, including a record of your RRSP status (unused contribution room, unused deduction balance and excess contributions), cost history of your stock holdings, capital gains elections, etc.

Your return includes a covering letter which communicates instructions, reminders and specific planning ideas for next year.

U.S. Taxation

Ex-patriot American citizens are required to file U.S. personal tax returns, no matter where they reside. Canadians may own U.S. investments which also require the filing of a U.S. tax return. We have experience in filing American personal returns, using popular “1040” software.

What our clients tell us:

  • 95% are extremely satisfied with the timeliness of preparing their returns
  • 88% said our knowledge of their tax affairs was excellent
  • 84% are completely confident that our work results in minimizing tax liability
  • 55% of them sought our financial planning advice during the year and 85% of those said that the advice was excellent
  • 83% said the value of our service is excellent