The “A” in “AFT Trivest” stands for Accountability.

You receive a comprehensive report once a year, based upon the fiscal period when you first joined us. It is complex with many parts, as detailed below.

Strategy review
In this section, we report what your asset allocation Plan is and compare it to the actual results at your report date. We also describe your portfolio strategy in words.

Summary observations
We report the total dollar value and annual total investment income of your accounts in aggregate. We calculate your current year return based upon the monthly weighted average of your invested capital. We also report your running compound returns for 3, 5 and 10 years and since inception with us – the longer your history with us, the more relevant that statistic is as a measure of your investing success. If you have undertaken a Personal Financial Plan with us, we report what bench-mark return is inherent in this Plan in order for you to achieve your long term goals.

If you are not interested in the details of your investment world, you can stop right here and take observation, and hopefully comfort, from this information alone.

Detail observations
We now drill down and analyze each aspect of your portfolio, starting with your safe, fixed-income holdings, where we report what the average yield–to-maturity and current, one-year yield have been for the bond portfolio in aggregate. Next, we report on your equity portfolio by indicating overall how it performed during the year. Where relevant, we report on the significant winners and losers in the year. Most importantly, we report the distribution of your equity holdings across the industrial sectors. Then we address your international investing and report how your equities are distributed across the regions of the globe. We ascribe some holdings to “global” rather than regional status where the underlying activities transcend the planet.

We include appendices of the detailed activity in every account you hold with us. This includes all of the transactions by individual security. Internally, we track the annual return across the years of every holding, and are happy to share this voluminous data with you.

Here we report on, and manage, your cash contributions (eg for TFSAs and RRSPs) or withdrawals (eg RRIFs).

Subsequent events
Occasionally, significant things have happened from your fiscal year-end to when we submit our report, and these are identified herein.

Proposed changes
We review your account regularly throughout the year: the Annual Report is one such review mo-ment. Here, we indicate the changes that we feel are necessary to align your portfolio with your strategy and with current market conditions. If we have your discretionary authority, we execute these portfolio changes directly. If we have non-discretionary authority, we await your approval to execute any changes.

We are always happy to review your Annual Report with you in person or on the phone.